Welcome to WNY-Digital SecureNet.

Need an invite but don’t have one? First you need to download the Monocles Chat app in F-Droid or Snikket Chat app for IOS or Android, then request an invite link to our service!

What is My-SecureNet?

My-SecureNet (Also known as just SecureNet) is a secure ham radio messaging service heavily customized for use with WNY-Digital ham-radio channels with a focus on privacy, encryption and ease of use. Only the recipient of your private message can de-crypt it for viewing making it more secure then most messaging services out there including text messaging, e-mail and others. Your can also set your message to delete itself after x number of days.

To support your privacy, SecureNet is fundamentally different from other messaging apps that you may be familiar with.

Most popular messaging apps are developed by large businesses who provide the service for free in exchange for gathering data about you and showing you ads. In addition, all your messages travel through internet servers operated by them allowing them full access to your messages.

Instead of a single large corporation or foreign governments controlling everything, SecureNet is decentralized. It is owned and operated on-site solely by WNY-Digital complete with end-to-end encryption. Every message you send is digitally encrypted by your phone and un-encrypted by the receiving party’s phone therefore making it completely un-interceptable. The SecureNet service provides extremely secure Text Messaging, Private and Group Chat, Phone and Video calls as well as Voicemail, GPS Location/NAV and Voice Messages. This service is provided to all local HAMS and their friends and family to use.

The service currently has 6 public ham radio channels setup for all to share and use. All users call-signs will be verified and will be assigned initial channels based on their geographical location. Users who are in the same channel will see each other in their contact list. Custom Channels can be added per request as well as the email-to-chat feature enabled on your account which allows emails sent to yourcall@my-secnet.com to appear in your chat messenger (great for weather alerts etc).

Security and Privacy

All communications between the client on your phone and the SecureNet server is TLS encrypted which is the first level of security. All communications between you and the other party is also encrypted with OMEMO, a state of the art multi-end-to-multi-end encryption method. This way, not only are your communications safe but more importantly it is impossible for anyone to intercept your messages, phone-calls or any other communications.

Contact pictures

Put a face to your contacts. SecureNet lets you upload a profile picture (Avatar) to your server for all your contacts to see. On top of that, SecureNet allows you to use the contact name and pictures provided by the Android address book.

Dynamic tags

SecureNet gives old features a new spin. Being able to organize your contacts into groups has been a feature for a long time. However, instead of the tree-like representation most XMPP clients provide, SecureNet uses a tag based approach, letting you easily search for any group or status. To keep SecureNet as simple as possible, this feature is turned off by default. If you need to handle a large contact base, you can enable it via the Show dynamic tags switch in the settings.


** When setting up your account please use your lowercase CALL as your login ie: n2cid.

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  • Can i request a custom channel name? – Yes you may Request one.
  • Can i request the free email-to-chat add-on? – Yes you may Request it.
  • I have a question can I ask someone? – Absolutely! We look forward to it.
  • What is my email-to-chat address? – IF enabled on your account, it is (yourcall -at- my-secnet.com).



SecureNet – A FIPS Compliant Service!