Welcome to Western New York Digital!

WNY-Digital grew from the ashes of many other Digital communications projects that came before it. One of those projects about 15 years ago (2010) was called Kid-Trax. This project allowed us to stand up many DMR repeaters around the WNY area to provide a free service to parents which allowed them to stay in contact with their kids of all ages via DMR Voice and TMS. They were also able to create Geo-Fences so they can be notified if their child was outside a specific area. It was a big hit!. As the times went on we decided to bring DMR to Ham Radio in the WNY area being that there was none at that time. We began migrating a few of our already pre-standing DMR repeaters over to the HAM Bands for all to use. We also had to look at connecting those repeaters together as we didn’t want to use the same infrastructure as KT so we eventually found HBLink and some others and began implementing that. Once that was all in place we were able to start IPV4/6 routing and creating a robust encrypted DMR backbone for Remote internet access over DMR, Voice/Data, TMS, GPS etc.. We were also able to remotely program all Motorola radios that were active at the time via OTAP via the DMR network for users.

As digital became more popular we began to see a need to link other technologies as well such as D-STAR, Fusion, G3 etc. This allows users to use their favorite radio and communicate with friends and other HAM’s that have completely different radios and protocols. This was the beginning of WNY-DIGITAL. After purchasing the necessary trans-coding hardware we ended up creating and implementing the WNY-Digital Multi-Protocol Gateway which allows users all over the world to use their cell phone, Ham radio or other devices to login to our Gateway and communicate with many HAM’s on many different radios and protocols. This was a fun project with the help of a lot of ham friends! Looking back, it’s been a long road! So that is WNY-Digital in a nut shell! Enjoy!

Happy QSO!